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58cm Cupcake Candy Sweet On Stick

58cm Cupcake Candy Sweet On Stick

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Step right up and feast your eyes on the sweetest treat of the season – our giant 58 centimetres Cupcake Candy Sweet on Stick, a delightful creation from Christmas Decorations Factory! This isn't just any Christmas ornament; it's a whimsical wonder that promises to sprinkle joy in every corner.

Imagine a delectable red and white cupcake, so large and vibrant it becomes the centerpiece of your festive display. Perched atop a matching red and white stick, wrapped with a crimson ribbon, and dusted with a playful array of multicoloured sprinkles – it's a visual feast for the eyes and a charming nod to the joy of the holidays.

This Cupcake Candy Sweet isn't just an ornament; it's a statement. A statement that celebrates the fun, the flavour, and the fanciful spirit of Christmas. It's perfect for those who love to mix traditional holiday charm with a dash of playful whimsy.

Ready to make a big, bold, sweet statement this Christmas? Our Cupcake Candy Sweet on Stick is waiting to bring a burst of festive fun to your holiday decor. Let's turn up the festive fun this year and make your holiday decor deliciously unforgettable!

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Item Length (cm) - 58

Item Width (cm) -Β 

Item Depth (cm) -Β 

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