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68cm Blue And Champagne Fabric Rocking Horse

68cm Blue And Champagne Fabric Rocking Horse

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Introducing the 68cm Blue and Champagne Fabric Rocking Horse – a masterpiece of craftsmanship, blending classic design with modern hues. This luxurious rocking horse, bathed in an off-white shade, flaunts a saddle and bridle resplendent in blue and champagne fabric adorned with sequined embellishments.

Its soft, wispy pinkish-white mane adds a touch of whimsical charm.

Perfect as a standalone showpiece or part of a festive ensemble, team this horse with our 60cm Blue and Champagne Fabric Standing Boy Bear, 55cm Standing Girl Bear, and 38cm Blue And Champagne Fabric Santa Boots. Together, they paint a harmonious palette and theme, making any Christmas display an envy of the neighbourhood.

Enhance your festive decorations and let the shared blue and champagne colour scheme weave a tale of elegance and splendour. Perfect for Christmas enthusiasts and interior decorators alike!


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